women, men, others, and equality

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women, men, others, and equality

a collection of students have worked on a project where

we show what women, men, and others go through in a life

of constant inequality. the project has many sections, and

will be updated frequently as time passes to stay up-to-date.

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women, men, others, and equality

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women, men, others, and equality

project written by
Amal Rashid


Justice for all

accepting different genders

People must not be biased towards their own gender, and think that they are superior to other genders. In order to move forward in society, people must accept and embraces the difference of others. This will help in achieving a healthier social enviroment.

career encouragement

Breaking the stereotypes of confining women to humanitarian careers and men to STEM career must be on the list to achieving gender equality. Every person must be given the freedom to pursue a career in any field of their interest.

emotional support

All human beings are prone to emotional distress. Emotional support must be offered to everyone, whether they identified as males, females, or others. Preventing males from emotional support, as is typically practiced, causes toxic masculinity and mental issues.

everyone is unique

Accepting the fact that each one of us is different in our own way blocks our roads of discrimination. Acknowledging that each human being has their own rights, and nobody can invalidate it is an important step towards gender equality.

women, men, others, and equality

gender inequality

pay gap

project written by
Amal Rashid

The gender pay gap in the public sector has reached 18.5% during 2018 in Jordan. This has a lot to say about the inequality embedded in the patriarchal layers of society.

women, men, others, and equality

Successful Women

Islamic History

project written by
Amal Rashid

Khadija Bint Khuwaylid

Khadija was a successful businesswoman and a wealthy merchant in Saudi Arabia who ran her father's business after his death. She proposed to and married the Prophet Mohammad before Islam. She always helped the poor and supported her family regardless of her wealth.

Aisha Bint Abu Bakr

Aisha was oneof the greatest scholars in Islam. She narrated many of the Islamic Hadiths due to her great understanding of the Quran and Islam. She was the wife of the Prophet Mohammad. A lot of Islamic companions consulted her in religious matters. Her intellect and scholastic abilities made her a role model for many women.

Rufaida Al Aslamia

Rufaida was a nurse and a social worker who worked at field hospitals during Islamic wars. With her clinical skills, she healed and took care of many injured soldiers. She also trained many of the women in the Muslim community to be nurses and work in the area of health care.

shuhda al baghdadiyyah

Shuhdah is an Iraqi Islamic writer and scholar from the 12th century. She is one of the most celebrated lecturers and calligraphers. She is known by her title 'Fakhr An-Nissa', meaning 'the Pride of Womankind'. She gave lectures in mosques and universities and was well-known for her smooth transmission and explanation of Hadith.

islam does not restrict women,
culture does